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Welcome to Draw Me In

Introducing Tupus and their first, basic...2D world

white transparent standard Tupu
white transparent standard Tupu
white transparent standard Tupu

We know, u're living in a much more evolved world than ours... with AI and AR... but we'll get there too. As our numbers grow, we'll be able to do great things, break free from two-dimensionality, change appearance, color, add accessories, objects, collaborations... We'll become more and more like you, connected. One step at a time

Who are Tupus?

Hey everyone! Great to see you! We're Tupus, a bunch of us, each with their own vibe. We live in a digital world called "Draw me in", currently just in 2D, where you too, with your Tupu, can find your space. We're here to celebrate our individuality and yours, showing that we're just who we are!

white transparent standard Tupu

The World

Finding your space within Draw Me In is very easy. You choose your Tupu, character, color, name and add all the comments you want. Then, you'll find it within its world, alongside all the other Tupus. Right now, it's a very simple world, but always in motion, and you'll see it changing every day.

white transparent standard Tupu

how it works

once you get your Tupus, you can write us on X. Tupus can change during their life...they can move and change place, create groups of Tupus, even a family!

Find your Tupu

The first 8 Tupus has ben revealed. Choose the one better fits you

the colors

Select the color that better fits your Tupu. You will then add in the notes your choice but feel fre to ask for specific color. We'll try our best!



The Black Tupu is mysterious and bold, with a strong presence that commands attention


The Violet Tupu is enigmatic and magnetic, with an intriguing personality that draws everyone's attention


The Red Tupu is passionate and determined, with an inner fire that makes it enterprising and bold


The Beige Tupu is warm and inviting, with a natural elegance that exudes comfort and security



The White Tupu is pure and bright, with a tranquility that instills peace to those who behold it


The Pink Tupu is sweet and affectionate, with a gentle heart that opens up to anyone it meets


The Grey Tupu is understated and contemplative, with a quiet wisdom that inspires trust


The Emerald Tupu is lush and captivating, with an adventurous spirit that loves to explore new horizons



The Yellow Tupu is bright and cheerful, with a sunny aura that brings joy and vitality to every Tupu


The Orange Tupu is lively and joyful, with a contagious energy that brings happiness

light blu

The Light Blue Tupu is calm and relaxed, with a serenity that brings peace and harmony in DMI


The Green Tupu is lush and vibrant, with a deep connection to nature that makes it energetic and lively

The project in a Nutshell

01. Grow The Community

grow the Tupummunity in this rudimental digisystem, laying down the foundation for Draw me in's growth in the upcoming phases

02. Personalization & Connection

develop The platform loaded with a bunch of customization and  connection features for your Tupu

03. Collab. & Lifestyle

Platform with full customization and connection features for Tupus. Phygital integrations through collaborations and capsules

We can call this the alpha-T universe, where we're only able to grow in numbers, with few customization options and low image quality. We're aware of it, but like any project, it'll be nice to see it grow, and we'll cherish this primordial world, waiting for it to become vintage, a nice memory

find your Tupu

In conclusion...

if you're interested in our world and tupurious to see how it'll evolve in the future, take your spot now and share with friends to help grow the community. Follow us and write us on our main social platforms. We're open to move Tupus around, changing color or expression, adding and creating groups within DMI... planting trees, adding little animals, etc..

white transparent standard tupu
whatsApp gif Tupu.jpeg

Have fun!

Find different and funny way to share your Tupu with your friends, like GIFs or Stickers, animations, voice overs, personalizations, customizations... #tupus


This is a project with a specific goal, and at each step, the Tupus will become more customizable, interactive, connected

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