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Tupu shop

The first 8 Tupus has ben revealed. Choose the one better fits you.

You'll start by selecting the characters, then remember to add color and name in the notes.

then remember to choose your colors

Select the color that better fits your Tupu

black tupu's sign


The Black Tupu is mysterious and bold, with a strong presence that commands attention

white tupu's sign


The White Tupu is pure and bright, with a tranquility that instills peace to those who behold it

violet tupu's sign


pink tupu's sign


The Violet Tupu is enigmatic and magnetic, with an intriguing personality that draws Tupus' attention

The Pink Tupu is sweet and affectionate, with a gentle heart that opens up to anyone it meets

beige tupu's sign


The Beige Tupu is warm and inviting, with a natural elegance that exudes comfort and security

emerald tupu's sign


The Emerald Tupu is lush and captivating, with an adventurous spirit that loves to explore new horizons

yellow tupu's sign


The Yellow Tupu is bright and cheerful, with a sunny aura that brings joy and vitality to every Tupu

orange tupu's sign


The Orange Tupu is lively and joyful, with a contagious energy that brings happiness

red tupu's sign


The Red Tupu is passionate and determined, with an inner fire that makes it enterprising and bold

light blu tupu's sign

light blu

The Light Blue Tupu is calm and relaxed, with a serenity that brings peace and harmony in DMI

grey tupu's sign


The Grey Tupu is understated and contemplative, with a quiet wisdom that inspires trust

green tupu's sign


The Green Tupu is lush and vibrant, with a deep connection to nature that makes it energetic and lively

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